The Eating Guide to Ålesund & Sogndal, Norway


In the wilderness of the Norwegian countryside, it’s important to get warmed up in the cold climate. One of my best memories in Norway is curling up with a warm bowl of fish soup after getting a little bit too freeze up from the cold. The fish soup is the quintessential Norwegian dish that everyone must try.

It was also in this country that I got the chance to try such a large variety of fish. Every time I scan the menu in a café or a restaurant, there would always be a fish name that sounds foreign to me. The pristine waters along the Norwegian coastline makes it a great environment for marine life. Fish are in an abundance there, particularly salmon and cod. Dive into the wonderful world of Norwegian cuisine filled with freshly caught seafood and buttery flavours.

Look forward to: Fish soup 



Region: Ålesund
Where: Kongensgate 12, Ålesund
What: Fish
For: A classy dining experience

Lyst is an unexpected find, as most establishments are closed on Mondays in the sleepy town of Ålesund. Complete with classy table settings and a small vase of fresh flowers on every table, the price range is slightly above average but the ambience is worth every penny. Upon viewing the menu, I was thrilled to see a number of local Norwegian dishes. The food, as pictured above, is a grilled chicken with a fresh lemony aftertaste, and a bacalao stew with bread. Bacalao is a type of salted cod fish, and in this case, it’s cooked in a tomato base stew which is a classic local dish in Northern Norway.

Lyspunktet Café


Region: Ålesund
Where: Kipervikgata 1A, 6003 Ålesund, Norway
What: Homemade cakes and fish soup
For: A quiet café

Lyspunktet Café is a cosy café that boasts a mouthwatering selection of homemade cakes, sandwiches and soups. The café prides itself on cooking from scratch. There is a comprehensive coffee menu, with coffee beans sourced from Precious Bean Roasters. This is the place to go if you want to hide your nose in a book as you wile your time away in the quiet ambience, sipping a cup of coffee.

Caffe Prego


Region: Sogndal
Where: AMFI Sogningen Storsenter, Hovevegen 4 – 6, 6856, Norway
What: Grilled chicken with pasta
For: Norwegian styled pastas

After many days of eating fish, I needed a break from the routine. Caffe Prego was a great find for pastas, and located within a shopping centre. Most of the pastas are cooked with either a delicious cream or tomato sauce. The winner for me is the grilled chicken accompanied with a side of creamy pasta. If you’re going for dinner, you might want to head there early as the café closes early.


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