Kefalonia Travel Tips from Corina Nika, Greek Designer & Islander

Conversations with Locals

Designer Corina Nika is an islander at heart, which comes as no surprise since she has roots in Greece – the country with about 6,000 islands. Her Instagram life is one of chasing azure waters and spending languid days in the endless number of vacation spots on Kefalonia. Corina reveals where to go for shrimps in Sami, her favourite beach in Greece, and why you should never pass up the Ionian islands. 


Photo: Corina Nika

What do you love about the Greek islands?

Their traditional architecture, unique colours and pure beaches!

What do you feel defines Greek cuisine?

The light, fresh and healthy ingredients. Anything we can pull from local stores or farms.

What are some local dishes you feel travellers can’t leave Kefalonia without trying?

The Kefalonian meat pie for sure! It’s THE traditional dish of the island, so you definitely have to try it before leaving. 


Photo: Corina Nika

Where are your favourite restaurants or cafés in Kefalonia?

There’s a couple that I can’t live without. One is in Argostoli by the bay named Palia Plaka. You’ll find home cooked comfort food there with traditional Greek dishes. My second favourite is Karavomylos, in Sami, where you should really try their shrimps! 


Photo: Corina Nika

What would you recommend travellers do to experience Kefalonia as a local?

Hmmm. Perhaps go buy a fish at the bay where the fishermen are with their boats in the mornings and cook it! It’s one of my favourite things I get to do living here. 

What do you love about the Ionian islands?

For me, the Ionian islands are full of green, which is something the other islands lack. I haven’t visited all to be quite honest though – only Santorini and Zakinthos. But for me, green and blue is what stands most and what makes my heart happy! 


Photo: Corina Nika

Name your favourite beach in Greece

Pessada! It’s a small little gem. Literally one of the smallest and most secluded beaches I’ve ever visited. The colours of the sea are out of this world and it really feels like a private paradise. 

Where in Greece is your favourite vacation spot?

If I still say Kefalonia, would that be bad? I feel like every day is vacation here. Before moving to the island, it was my favourite place for vacation and still is. I recently visited Santorini as well and it blew my mind away. So for a second option, Santorini is beautiful! 


Photo: Corina Nika


Palia Plaka
Where: I Metaxa Street, Metelos, Ι. Μεταξά-Μέτελος, Αργοστόλι, Argostoli 281 00, Greece 
For: Traditional Greek food 

Karavomilos Taverna
Where: Karavomilos Lake, Karavomylos 28080, Greece 
For: Shrimps

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