The Eating Guide to Milos, Greece


Life’s a beach in Milos. When the temperatures are up, it’s time to hit the waters on this island paradise, where the beaches are of another world, and enjoying ‘ouzo time’ on a sailboat is the best way to wile your time away. In Summer, the island is packed with sun-kissed travellers lounging on the volcanic coastline, and explorers sneaking into the numerous caves found all around. 

Look forward to: Rooster cooked with wine 

O Hamos 


Where: Paralia Papikinou-Adamas, Adamas 84801, Greece
What: Lamb baked with dill and cheese
For: Traditional Milos Cuisine

Locals love it for the authentic Greek flavours. Tourists talk about it incessantly amongst one another. Its waiters are fiercely proud of the restaurant they’re serving at, and it’s because O Hamos is famous on Milos island, and they know it. The restaurant’s recipes are boldly shared in little flyers on a rack, but the owners are confident that this wouldn’t prevent a full house during dinner time. Timeless Milos dishes are lovingly handwritten on every piece of menu, of which meats and cheeses are grown and cultivated on the family farm. Opt for the classic O Hamos dishes such as rooster cooked with wine and tomatoes, lamb baked with dill and cheese, and eggplant with pork. 



Where: Plaka 848 00, Greece
What: Ice-cream
For: Greek sweets

The dark wooded interiors of Palaios are far from modern, but is its trays of cakes and honeyed Greek sweets that lures people in for a quick dessert. The large array of ice-cream is great for cooling off in the Mediterranean Summer heat. Go for the traditional Greek desserts like baklava and kataifi for something traditional.

Methismeni Politeia


Where: Trypiti, Greece
What: Souvlaki
For: Grilled meats

Carnivores rejoice – grilled meats are the thing for this Greek taverna. The family-run Methismeni Politeia is where you’ll get Greek homecooking with a view of Milos bay. In the busy Summers, the wood-fired oven is used to roast meats such as lamb and pork. For the not quite meat lover, other dishes such as grilled octopus, stuffed grape leaves and zucchini balls would still tickle your fancy. 


The Eating Guide to Folegandros, Greece


There’s a new kid on the block in the Cyclades. Folegandros has just over 700 inhabitants, a handful of quaint restaurants, and countless trekking routes that will bring you to some of the most glorious views of the Aegean Sea. The best part? You won’t have to fight for a spot on the beach, or wait for your turn to take a picture. Tourists escape the overcrowded islands of Santorini and Mykonos to this little island for some much-needed peace and tranquility. 

Look forward to: Grilled octopus and fava beans





Where: Folegandros Kyklades, Chora Folegandros Kyklades
What: Baked eggs
For: Breakfast

The owner of Rakentia is right in proclaiming that everything on its breakfast menu is good. One bite of the café’s baked eggs and you’ll wonder why eggs are never done this way anywhere else. Sandwiches are in the form of Italian-styled panini, stuffed with fresh prosciutto, Greek cheese and rockets. This all day dining bar has an extensive drinks list, paired with a view of Folegandro’s hilly landscapes. What better way to enjoy a cocktail on the island. 

Eva’s Garden

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Where: Near plateia Kontarini, Greece
What: Crayfish orzo
For: Greek fusion cuisine

Chef Eva cooks Greek fusion cuisine in her restaurant, with ingredients picked from her farm in Livadi. Eva’s Garden is a far cry from Folegandro’s typical casual restaurants. The ambience is nothing short of romantic, with bougainvillea-clad walls and its location in a quiet street of Chora. You’ll find orzo, a type of rice-shaped pasta that resembles risotto, to be particularly tasty. Here, the orzo is soaked in crayfish stock and saffron. 



Where: Pounta, Chora, Folegandros 84011, Greece
What: Fava beans puree and deep fried eggplant
For: Traditional Greek cuisine

A restaurant in a garden – Pounta serves up Mediterranean cuisine flavoured with herbs characteristic to this island. The small signboard is easily missed even if you walk around the main square more than once, but this unassuming restaurant is where traditional Greek cooking reigns the kitchen. Dishes include souroto cheese, fava bean puree, grilled octopus, deep-fried eggplant and freshly squeezed juices. 

Anemomilos Apartments 



Where: Chora, Folegandros Island Cyclades, Folegandros 840 11, Greece
What: Steamed mussels
For: Views of Folegandro’s cliffs 

While Anemomilos Apartments is known for its astounding views of Folegandro’s rugged cliffs, its restaurant does not disappoint. En route to the hilltop Church of Panagia, the entrance to Anemomilos is a gateway to a small luxurious abode. Take a breather in the alfresco setting of the dining area, while digging into bread paired with olives and pesto, steamed mussels, and pastas. 

Folegandros deserves to be paid a visit – even if you only have a few days. Visit our 72 hour guide to this beautiful island here. 

Kefalonia Travel Tips from Corina Nika, Greek Designer & Islander

Conversations with Locals

Designer Corina Nika is an islander at heart, which comes as no surprise since she has roots in Greece – the country with about 6,000 islands. Her Instagram life is one of chasing azure waters and spending languid days in the endless number of vacation spots on Kefalonia. Corina reveals where to go for shrimps in Sami, her favourite beach in Greece, and why you should never pass up the Ionian islands. 


Photo: Corina Nika

What do you love about the Greek islands?

Their traditional architecture, unique colours and pure beaches!

What do you feel defines Greek cuisine?

The light, fresh and healthy ingredients. Anything we can pull from local stores or farms.

What are some local dishes you feel travellers can’t leave Kefalonia without trying?

The Kefalonian meat pie for sure! It’s THE traditional dish of the island, so you definitely have to try it before leaving. 


Photo: Corina Nika

Where are your favourite restaurants or cafés in Kefalonia?

There’s a couple that I can’t live without. One is in Argostoli by the bay named Palia Plaka. You’ll find home cooked comfort food there with traditional Greek dishes. My second favourite is Karavomylos, in Sami, where you should really try their shrimps! 


Photo: Corina Nika

What would you recommend travellers do to experience Kefalonia as a local?

Hmmm. Perhaps go buy a fish at the bay where the fishermen are with their boats in the mornings and cook it! It’s one of my favourite things I get to do living here. 

What do you love about the Ionian islands?

For me, the Ionian islands are full of green, which is something the other islands lack. I haven’t visited all to be quite honest though – only Santorini and Zakinthos. But for me, green and blue is what stands most and what makes my heart happy! 


Photo: Corina Nika

Name your favourite beach in Greece

Pessada! It’s a small little gem. Literally one of the smallest and most secluded beaches I’ve ever visited. The colours of the sea are out of this world and it really feels like a private paradise. 

Where in Greece is your favourite vacation spot?

If I still say Kefalonia, would that be bad? I feel like every day is vacation here. Before moving to the island, it was my favourite place for vacation and still is. I recently visited Santorini as well and it blew my mind away. So for a second option, Santorini is beautiful! 


Photo: Corina Nika


Palia Plaka
Where: I Metaxa Street, Metelos, Ι. Μεταξά-Μέτελος, Αργοστόλι, Argostoli 281 00, Greece 
For: Traditional Greek food 

Karavomilos Taverna
Where: Karavomilos Lake, Karavomylos 28080, Greece 
For: Shrimps